Book Review: “Forest of Souls” by Lori M. Lee

So excited to share that I’m now writing book reviews for BookPage, and my very first review is for Lori M. Lee’s “Forest of Souls” – a YA novel taking cues from Asian-American culture, western fantasy and…spiders.

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“What Nobody Knows About Josephine” | Popshot Magazine

(Illustration by the talented Silvia Stecher)

Popshot Magazine was one of the first literary magazines I’d ever read. I remember flipping through the incredible writing and beautiful illustrations, imagining how I would feel if I could get a story published there too.

Today, I can tell you what it feels like.

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“The Family Ghost” | Drunk Monkeys

“The Family Ghost” was actually inspired by a twitter thread. I know, very 2020.

Read “The Family Ghost” here!

The Twitter thread was about creepy things children have said to their parents. One person said that their kid talked about watching them before they were born. Weird and compelling and great inspiration for a story.

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“Caretaker” | Marías at Sampaguitas

Big thing announcement!

I have a fiction piece published!

I am so honored to have “Caretaker” published online by Marías at Sampaguitas. It’s a short story about an immigrant girl who has to juggle her familial duty and her dreams of independence. It’s based on my own experience as a daughter of immigrant parents, as well as the stories I’ve heard from family caretakers. They make many sacrifices for their loved ones—sacrifices that often go unseen.

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“A Letter” | She Leads Daily

My piece “A Letter…” was recently published in an edition of “She Leads Daily”. I’m still learning to be brave enough to submit more creative pieces, and the editor at SLD was kind enough to encourage me to write this piece for the magazine.

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