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The Challenge: SeniorServ is a 50-year old nonprofit that promotes senior health in southern California by providing Meals on Wheels, senior center lunches, and other social programs. Every year the organization hosts a special Holiday Gift Program that allows individuals and organizations to donate gifts for lonely seniors. In 2017 SeniorServ wanted to create a single webpage to act as a hub for the Holiday Gift Program.

The Strategy: I created a page and wrote copy that detailed information about joining the program in a compelling way. Happily, we were able to obtain many client testimonials, which helped bridge the gap between potential volunteers/donors and the seniors they would be helping.

The Results: The website worked in tandem with the overall Holiday Gift Program, through which SeniorServ received over 900 holiday gift bags for senior citizens, making the 2017 holiday season very merry and bright for those in need.

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