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The Challenge: Calvary Presbyterian Church’s 2017 Family Camp had one goal – to facilitate a safe, insightful summer family camp to an audience of over 100 campers ranging from 8 months to 80 years old. As writer, editor, and designer, I was challenged to create printed and digital materials that appealed to multiple generations and helped facilitate the camp’s programs.

The Strategy: I headed the creation of three main materials for this camp: a pre-camp informational booklet, a camp program, and an overarching presentation theme for group sessions. To emphasize the intergenerational themes of the camp, I and the other designers thought carefully about designs that would incorporate both classic and modern elements. In addition, I also worked alongside program directors and church leadership to ensure that the written portion of the printed program was both in line with the camp’s themes and appealing to campers of all ages. Leaders sent me camp information and lesson plans, which I then edited into pieces that were both insightful and easy to understand.

The Results: Calvary Presbyterian Church’s 2017 Family Camp was a huge success. The materials ensured that all necessary information was always available, and helped keep the camp moving by displaying a clear schedule. It’s my hope that the materials created also helped others grow personally, and the positive overwhelmingly positive response we received from many campers make me confident that these goals were reached.

Let’s make success happen.

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