Parents are People [Calvary Press Personal Essay]

A short op-ed on how my parents are just like me, and how this realization changed our relationship.

I previously thought my parents had known each other since they were born, that they’d only had one job their whole lives, and that they had no plans besides having me and my sisters. But, surprise – my parents, even though they are parents, are people. They were born people and they will always be people with hopes, dreams, talents, fears, and flaws, just like me.

This article was to be published in the June edition of Calvary Presbyterian Church’s publication Calvary Press, just before the annual family camp. That year’s family camp theme was “Sharing Christ’s love to all generations,” so I felt that speaking about my experience learning more about the parts of my parents’ lives that didn’t involve me would start a good conversation. (It did – many parents approached me after this article was published to say that it really touched them!)

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