Everything (or, to be more precise, 4 things) that every B.A. English major wonders about graduate school, explained.

Towards the end of their undergraduate career, many people turn their sights towards higher education and consider getting an M.A. – I know, I was one of those people! 

While getting a master’s degree seems like a logical step to take after graduating with a B.A., there are some major differences between graduate and undergraduate classes that all students should reflect on before making any commitments. I hadn’t really considered these differences until after I joined an M.A. English program, and was in for a big shock when I realized how different M.A. classes can be!

This was written as a guest post for Dear English Major, a site that provides resources and encouragement towards current and aspiring English majors.

I had a fun time writing this reflection on the difference between M.A. and B.A. classes, and it garnered interest for DEM – it gained many shares and effectively sparked many comments on the site’s Facebook page.

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