Diversity Basics: Taking Action

Instructional Design, Product Content


The People team at Articulate was doing an overhaul of their Diversity and Inclusion learning strategy. A fellow writer on my content team helped them develop Diversity Basics: Foundations, a course that would teach learners key concepts within diversity, equity, and inclusion. I worked on Diversity Basics: Taking Action, a course that would help learners understand how to put what they’ve learned into practice.

How do you create training about diversity, equity, and inclusion that’s actionable? You use a lot of examples. Luckily, when it comes to DEI, the workplace is full of teachable moments.


The people team served as subject matter experts for this project. They provided a rough potential outline with source, and along the way, I relied on their expertise for more information. I also referred back to the previous Diversity Basics: Foundations course to ensure a smooth transition for learners.

Together we narrowed their scope to the basics of taking action with DEI. Once we agreed on an outline, I got to work writing and building the course.

The course went through a rigorous editing and copyediting process, as well as a final review by Articulate’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging committee.


This course became a required step in Articulate’s D&I Learning Strategy for employees. A public version was also created for users to download and use on Rise360.

Click the gallery below to explore screenshots of the course.