Social Media

Because what’s content without social media exposure?

Task: Social media can be a major contributor to a blog’s audience, so DisneyExaminer designated its Tumblr as a social media channel in order to reach Tumblr’s Disney community.

Strategy: Style-wise, Tumblr is focused on images and gifs, and content-wise, Tumblr users enjoy hearing shorter news blurbs, aesthetics, and social movements. As a result, most of the Tumblr posts I create are informed by these audience preferences.

Results: With likes and reblogsĀ reaching into the thousands and a steadily growing following, DisneyExaminer’s Tumblr regularly engages audiences with focused posts tailored to the Tumblr audience.

Select top posts:

Disneyland / DCA Wallpapers

Things we know about Moana so far

Disney Songs for Every EmotionĀ 

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