CPC Youth Camp Outreach + the Mustard Seed Foundation

Grant Writing | Prospect Research | Relationship Building

The Need

Calvary Presbyterian Church (CPC) in Wilmington, California, had been holding a youth camp every other year when, in 2018, church and youth group leadership decided to use this well-loved event to emphasize community outreach.

Due to the financial situations of many of the teenagers in CPC’s neighborhood, the church was adamant about providing scholarships for first time campers. They approached me, a youth leader with experience grant writing, for assistance.

The Project

I came upon the Mustard Seed Foundation after researching foundations supporting new ministry projects. Their staff were incredibly kind and encouraging, and I am proud to have helped the church develop a strong relationship with the foundation.

I led the project from the beginning, organizing and developing the proposal and heading all contact with foundation staff. After the project ended, I also facilitated the requested grant reporting, aided by youth leadership.

The Results

Status: Funded – the Mustard Seed Foundation even went above and beyond to provide 53% more funding than requested to support the project.

Because of this project, the church was able to grant scholarships to 17 new campers.

It was so exciting to be part of a project that became meaningful to both the church and the funder. From feedback, I know the foundation felt appreciated by our purposeful communication, and the church felt real pride in the success of this new initiative.