On the little ways I’m getting more rest

Rest is highly unappreciated. Many people define “success” with “busy-ness,” meaning I, like many others, tend to feel useless if I’m not doing something to further my work. We hear about how CEOs read a billion times a week, how successful people are those that work the longest hours, and inevitably we are discouraged fromContinue reading “On the little ways I’m getting more rest”

2017 taught me to focus on my priorities

2017 was a year of work for me. It was my first complete year out of school and, consequently, my first complete year of unemployment. And yet I was working – working really, really hard. The call to work – to “hustle,” as some like to say –¬†seems to be prevailing in popular culture, especiallyContinue reading “2017 taught me to focus on my priorities”

Next Steps [June 2017 Career Update]

I can’t believe it’s only been a year since I graduated with my MA in English – within 12 months I’ve gained so many new experiences that I feel like I’m far different from the person I was when I left school. I figure this is a good a time as any to start writingContinue reading “Next Steps [June 2017 Career Update]”