About Page [MAMCF.org]

Condensing About us, History, and Mission pages into one handy About page.

With your help we’ll not only provide financial support – we’ll also lift their spirits, provide hope and enhance their quality of life.

Task: Condensing MAMCF’s “About us”, “Mission”, and “History” pages into a single, clearer “About” page.

Strategy: Identifying what information was both expected from the audience and important to MAMCF. By understanding both the page’s purpose and the audience’s expectations, I was able to craft copy based off of the old pages’ text.

Results: It was a challenge to cut down three pages into one while balancing information and conciseness, but I had a great time distilling MAMCF’s message into easier-to-understand paragraphs, and was even more pleased to be writing for such a great cause. MAMCF founder Jennifer Boyle loved the edits, and responded positively to the changes made.

Read the page here.