Hello, my name is Emmabel Tami Orendain. Everyone calls me Tami.

I’ve always loved stories. One of my earliest memories is sneaking flashlights to bed so that I could continue reading in the dark, and while my eyesight suffered, my love of words kept growing.

Many years after that I’ve learned something important: words are powerful. There are words out there that can start wars, heal pain, and cause incredible change. I am a firm believer that scores of people around the world can be moved to great things – all through the stroke of a pen (or, nowadays, a keyboard). 

Now that I’ve grown up a little, I’ve found that my passion is helping other harness the power of words. Whether you’d like me to tell your story, or want a little help telling it on your own, I’d love to be of service to you.


Emmabel, but most people call me Tami (it’s common in Filipino culture to have a given name and a totally different nickname.)


Chapman University – M.A. English, 4.0 GPA
Chapman University – B.A. English Literature, Magna Cum Laude
Patton Elementary School – Best Peacemaker in the 6th grade awards.

Personality Type:

INFJ, Ravenclaw, Lawful Good, Type 6: The Loyalist

A Video I Recommend:

Goats screaming like humans. Gets me every time!

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